Sylk Skin 120g Bath Soak

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Our 120g bath soak is the perfect way to try out our soaks or they make the perfect gift whilst getting optimum self care.

“Calm” bath soak is a harmonious blend of earthly salts that help detoxify the body and restore the skins natural oil balance.
With a tranquil blend of essential oils and botanicals our soak is best used before bed as it’s aids in improving sleep and the relaxation of muscles 💤

“Soothe” bath soak is a luxurious blend of earthly salts that help detoxify, reduce stress and improve aches + cramps.
Featuring an uplifting blend of essential oils and botanicals our soak will feed your skin so much love being rich in vitamins + minerals, leaving you feeling weightless!

“Replenish” bath soak is a refreshing blend of earthly salts, accompanied by botanicals and essential oils.
Our soak also has been dashed with the delicate scent of orange peel powder to help rejuvenate the entire body.
It promotes skin tissue repair, has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
You’ll certainly feel refreshed after soaking in all its goodness ✨

How to use: Fill your teabag with our mixture. Dip it into your warm bath and soak in all its goodness! For a faster acting soak, steep the teabag in a cup of super hot water, then add it to your bath. It is easy to clean up as the contents are kept tightly sealed. No mess, no floaties, which means for time for you to relax!

External use only. If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. Avoid eye contact.

If you are an expecting mama, always consult with your gp, if you are unsure about a new product.

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